Jonghyun fell straight back like a true gangsta. Lowkey looked like he passed out. He didn’t even try to cushion his fall. Just him and gravity: a love story. Like I’m crying laughing here.

a love story omg help me
12 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Teachers


We asked 170,000 educators on our WeAreTeachers Facebook page, ”What do people say or ask you about teaching that drives you crazy?” They had a few lessons to share. So get out your notebook and your pencil, and listen up. Here are 12 things you should never say to teachers. Not to your neighbor…

Chicago Kpop fans be on our ish. We’re serious.


Okay you guys have no idea how much Chicago kpop fans are serious about keeping kpop alive in their city. Earlier this year tickets for Boyfriend’s first American showcase went on sale and I cannot tell you how exciting it is to finally have another group here after three years. But here’s the thing about this showcase; this is a test for not just Chicago, but the Midwest period

Companies aren’t sending their idols in the middle of America because they believe there is no following here. But FINALLY someone recognized this and is actually doing something about it, but the demand has to be met if we’re going to be taken seriously.

So what are the Chicago kpop fans are doing?

(/coughs; well after three+ flashmobs, countless tweets and messages to promoters, idols and news media outlets later)

Right now a group of them are trying to get their money together to buy a VVIP ticket to the Boyfriend concert for a lucky fan. Their own money. Something Jazzy or Starship isn’t promoting. Simply just the Chicago kpop fans trying to at least fill another seat in the show. 

All I’m asking is to at least spread the word about the show, I’m sure every international fan knows how much it hurts trying so hard to get something they love to come to their hometown but doesn’t. They’re counting on not just the Bestfriends, but every fandom to come to the show. 


I’m just gonna tag groups that have a big following ot get the word out, I apologize in advance for posting in your tags ^^ 

Please tumblr community, help us get the word out!